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Risk notice / Performance

The value of investments in the cryptocurrencies mentioned herein can fluctuate over the short and long term, so there is a chance that you may not get back the full amount you originally invested. Information about the development of cryptocurrencies in the past does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about their future value development. The future developments of various investment instruments published on the DECOM Switzerland AG website are for information only and are not a reliable guide for future income. DECOM Switzerland AG does not assume any liability for the realization of the expected increases or decreases in value. In addition, investments in crypto currencies are subject to considerable fluctuations, which DECOM Switzerland AG can neither predict nor influence.

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Potential Conflicts of Interest

It is possible that DECOM Switzerland AG and its shareholders own or have owned the cryptocurrencies discussed on the Decom website. In addition, it is also possible that DECOM Switzerland AG and its shareholders have or have had business or other relationships with the companies whose titles are dealt with on the website.

Change of the terms of use

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