Meet the team

With the Crypto Asset Management company founded in 2017, DECOM positions itself as one of the Swiss pioneers in the cryptocurrency asset management industry.

Get to know the team of crypto-experienced professionals in combination with business-oriented consultants:


Henok Tewelde

Managing Partner

Henok Tewelde is the Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of DECOM Switzerland AG. He joined the company in 2018 and has several years of experience in the private equity industry. Henok Tewelde holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration with a focus on Banking and Finance.


Ibrahim Sherifoski

Managing Partner

Ibrahim Sherifoski is Managing Partner and member of the Board of Directors of DECOM Switzerland AG. He has extensive experience in the world of cryptocurrencies and is a Certified Bitcoin Professional, qualified by the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium. Prior to his role at DECOM, he worked as an Investor Relations Manager for alternative direct investments.


Cédric Schmid

Head of Compliance

Cédric Schmid is responsible for compliance at DECOM Switzerland AG. Cédric brings many years of experience in advising companies from various industries with numerous international connections. Cédric Schmid, certified trustee and auditor, is President of the FDP Canton Zug.


Marco Williner

Trustee with federal diploma

Marco Williner is the responsible trustee for DECOM and serves business and private clients in Central Switzerland at bepartner ag. He provides support and advice on accounting and tax matters to his clients and has a particular enthusiasm for topics in the cryptocurrency field.


Beya Jemaa

Marketing Manager

Beya Jemaa has a bachelor's degree in IT & Development with a focus on digital marketing and supports the team in PR and digital communication. Beya has been working in digital agencies and NGOs as a social media manager, traffic manager, digital trainer for more than 8 years while she also works as an independent consultant.


Andreas Wittmann

Software Engineer

Andreas is responsible for the organization and implementation of the digitization of products and processes at DECOM Switzerland AG. Andreas has entrepreneurial experience as a Smart Contract Developer, AI & Data Engineer. Andreas Wittmann has a Masters in Visual Computing.