August 2023

Extended service in the area of ​​Mining Proof of Work (PoW) with Kaspa

Mai 2022

Introduction of cryptocurrency custody solutions (cold storage)

April 2022

First Bitcoin mining service

September 2021

Join the ombudsman "Finanzombudsstelle Schweiz (FINOS)"

March 2021

Relaunch of the new customer dashboard in cooperation with Binance

February 2021

Conversion of DECOM Switzerland GmbH into DECOM Switzerland AG

July 2020

Fintech Awards winner in the category "Best Crypto Asset Management Firm - Switzerland"

June 2020

Expanded partnership with Binance (Official Binance Brokerage Partner)

June 2019

DECOM Motorsport Sponsoring

April 2019

Change of company location from Ballwil to Sursee

January 2019

Enabling a Swiss company formation by means of a cryptocurrency contribution in kind

December 2018

Partnership Blockchain Research Lab (University of Zurich)

September 2018

Start of customer onboarding

August 2018

Obtaining the VQF license (SRO)

August 2017

First advisory services and portfolio trading on your own account

July 2017

Foundation of DECOM Switzerland GmbH