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The crypto news of the last few weeks

It's been another exciting few weeks in the crypto space. Here is an overview of the most important events:

MiCA – An EU-wide regulation for Bitcoin and the crypto market

The European Union has finally agreed on the crypto asset markets or the MiCA law – a set of directives that will regulate crypto assets from NFTs to stablecoins. Crypto assets will also be subject to anti-money laundering laws. The framework proposed by the EU aims to protect investors and preserve financial stability. Under the new laws, crypto asset service providers will need an authorization to operate within the EU. They must also disclose their impact on the environment. The EU is currently assessing the environmental impact of crypto assets in a comprehensive report that will be released over the next two years. The report will also detail the minimum sustainability standards for the crypto space.

Ethereum Sepolia Testnet Launch

Ethereum just launched their second public testnet Sepolia. This is following their previous testnet “Ropsten” that they had launched a month ago. What this means for Ethereum is that it is one step closer to “The Merge”, the network’s highly anticipated transition to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The next and final testnet is Goerli which will be the final proving fround for “The Merge”. Goerli is expected in about a month.

Volksbank Bayern Mitte sets up Bitcoin ATMs

The Volksbank Bayern Mitte recently set up a cryptocurrency machine at its headquarters in Ingolstadt, where you can buy Bitcoins. The Volksbank does not operate the machine itself, it is rather a cooperation with the Austrian Bitcoin machine provider Kurant and the German private bank Sutor.