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About Us

DECOM Switzerland is an SRO-regulated asset managemer that simplifies access to the entire crypto market for the institutional and private investor. With our market experience and in-depth expertise in Blockchain, we help you create stock market accounts, provide active portfolio management, and secure the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies.

As a company, we want to increase the transparency of the crypto market, provide you with optimal results and promote a strong performance culture.

We offer:

Market research

DECOM's investment process is based primarily on fundamentals, complemented by technical and psychological factors.

Customer profile

Tailored investment profiles - customized to individual risk appetite and yield expectations.

Deposit accounts

The stock market accounts in the digital marketplaces are created by us on behalf of the customer.


Data, cryptocurrencies and accesses are expertly encrypted to ensure a high level of security and reliability.

Portfolio management

Reduce time and complexity of tracking Crypto assets.


Permanent insight into the current portfolio via the dashboard.


Keep track of things.

With your personal dashboard, you will gain access to your current portfolio. All data is updated in real time, so you are always up to date, at home or on the road.

Partners & Memberships




Marcel Niederberger

Managing Partner

Marcel has more than four years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the blockchain. In addition, he spends time as an investor and entrepreneur in the crypto scene. He was managing director and co-owner of Cryptoguard, an online shop for hardware wallets to secure cryptocurrencies. Marcel is called "Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)".

"Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are more than just speculation. In fact, the blockchain technology is still in its infancy, but has the potential to expand the financing and payment system. For some years, I have devoted myself entirely to cryptocurrencies and see an exciting time ahead of us. "


Henok Tewelde

Managing Partner

A few years ago Henok grew interest in the fascinating and exciting Blockchain technology. This resulted in investment and trading in cryptocurrencies. Before joining DECOM, he worked for various startups; most recently as an investment advisor in the private equity industry. Henok graduated from BSc in Business Administration majoring Banking and Finance.

"Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are growing fast. However, the understanding and ability to evaluate this new technology lags behind. DECOM has developed an analytic method that is useful to both investors and companies to understand and successfully invest in cryptocurrencies. "


Ibrahim Sherifoski

Managing Partner

When Ibrahim made his first Bitcoin transfer in 2014, he entered the world of cryptocurrency and has been exploring innovative blockchain technology ever since. Prior to DECOM, he was Investor Relations Manager for Alternative Direct Investment. Ibrahim has acquired extensive knowledge of Blockchain and holds the title of Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP).

"In the age of digitization, cryptocurrencies have long prevailed. I'm convinced that the innovative blockchain technology will revolutionize the future of some industries. I want to give our customers the opportunity to participate in this development. »


Cédric Schmid

Head of Compliance

Cédric is the founder and managing director of Unita Finanz & Treuhand AG. Previously, he worked in various small, medium and large national and international fiduciary companies and family offices. Together with DECOM management, he is responsible for compliance. He is also a consultant for various ICO projects. Cédric is a trustee with Eidg. Fachausweis.


Christian Strübi

Compliance Officer

Christian has been working as a mandate manager at Unita Finanz & Treuhand AG since 2014. Previously, he worked in various small fiduciary and accounting departments. Christian supports DECOM in key compliance areas and is an expert in finance and accounting with eidg. Fachausweis.


Christian Ulrich


Christian Ulrich is a web developer with a flair for blockchain and digital assets. He is responsible for the online presence, security solutions and application development for the DECOM. Christian has many years of experience in front-line and leadership in the retail sector as well as a responsible project manager and entrepreneur in innovation management, national and international product launches and business development.


Jérôme Haas


Jérôme Haas is a full-stack web developer. His specialties are the creation of individual websites and the programming of progressive web applications. At DECOM, he is responsible for the dashboard application and data security. He is also involved in the design and design of the website.



Monat Oktober

Wird es Tether bald nicht mehr geben?

Der Bitcoin-Preis stieg am Montag 15. Oktober 2018 auf Bitfinex innerhalb weniger Stunden von 6400 USD auf 7721 USD infolge von Panik bei Tether-Investoren. Diese wollten unverzüglich ihre Tether loswerden, was zu einem drastischen Kaufrausch in Bitcoin geführt hat und diesbezüglich der Preis innert weniger Stunden rasant anstieg. Mittlerweile hat sich die Situation wieder beruhigt, die Tether Kapitalisierung brach jedoch um 30% ein und der Bitcoin Kurs korrigierte sich auf 6600 USD zurück (Stand: 24.10.2018).

Wie Decom bereits in einem Artikel (Juni 2018 | Tether - News) beschrieben hat, leidet das Vertrauen in Tether in den letzten Monaten massiv. Grundsätzlich sollte Tether immer 1 USD abbilden, sank jedoch auf 0.944 Tether/USD. Dies ist der Hauptgrund, warum die grossen Börsen wie Bitfinex und Bitstamp über mehrere Tage hinweg ungewöhnlich grosse Kursdifferenzen aufwiesen.

Aus welchem Grund Tether überhaupt steigen oder sinken kann ist ganz simpel, es handelt sich lediglich um Angebot und Nachfrage. Infolgedessen gibt es gute Möglichkeiten für Bitfinex Arbitrage zu betreiben. Arbitrage ist eine Möglichkeit, von Preisunterschieden an verschiedenen Handelsplätzen zu profitieren. Arbitrage-Trading ist bei Wertpapierhändlern gang und gäbe: Wenn sich die Preise für dieselbe Aktie an unterschiedlichen Handelsplätzen unterscheiden, kauft man die Aktie(n) auf dem einen Handelsplatz zu einem günstigen Preis und verkauft sie an anderer Stelle zu einem teureren Preis. Dies ist auch bei Bitcoin oder anderen Kryptowährungen sowie bei Stablecoins wie Tether der Fall.

Nun liegt die Vermutung nahe, dass Tether Limited derzeit Preisunterschiede ausnutzt. Das Unternehmen kann das ganz legal tun. Indem es USDT zu einem günstigeren Kurs an einer Börse kauft und es dann bei der Bank gegen US-Dollar einlöst, erzielt es einen Gewinn. Denn wie wir inzwischen wissen, verspricht das Unternehmen selbst, dass für jeden USDT einen Dollar hinterlegt wird. Wenn Sie einen USDT für 0,98 USD kaufen können, ergibt das einen Gewinn von 0,02 USD pro USD.

An allen Börsen, an denen USDT gehandelt wird, darunter Huobi und OKEx, sehen wir, dass Bitcoin noch immer zu einem Premium-Preis gehandelt wird. Dies ist auf den Abverkauf von Tether für Bitcoin zurückzuführen. Sobald der Tether sich wieder auf 1 Dollar/Tether stabilisiert, sollten sich die Bitcoin-Preisunterschiede wieder auf einem vernünftigen Niveau bewegen.